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Hi! I'm a 26 year old natural light photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Let me tell you what I'm all about...

Even though I first started photography as a way to have the best MySpace "Scene Queen" profile photo in high school, it was the beginning of a beautiful love story.

I like to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to delivering photos. To me, a photography session is also about the experience and how you feel during it, not just getting pretty pictures. I want you to remember the fun you had in your session.

I'm all about raw, natural posing and candid moments. I want to tell YOUR story, not just copy something off of Pinterest. Thus, I strive to get to know everyone I photograph on a deep, personal level in order to create something real.

I’m not here to just show up with a camera and shoot. It all comes down to authentic communication.

I love being apart of it all.

A few of my favorite things are capybaras, sweet peach tea, over sized sweaters, and lavender colored roses.

Here's what I do... click the pic to see more!




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